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A Web Portal connecting buyers and sellers

2020 has proven to be a crazy year. With stress comes evolution. Traditional brick-and-mortar shops found themselves catapulted in a world where a business needs to start selling online to exist. We aim to connect communities together by providing the platform to do it.

Bright Animals FZCO is launching the bright.boutique web portal to connect buyers and sellers.

How it works

Approved vendors can join our platform and add approved products to the system.

Buyers can browse the products and make purchases on the portal.

Once the client receives the product, Bright Animals FZCO will release the payment to the vendor.

The Sections

Pet products

In today’s competitive and profit-driven market, finding a quality product or service has become increasingly difficult. Hiring a groomer for your pet only to find out that your dog is being abused during grooming is an experience nobody should have to go through. This is why we decided to launch a portal with handpicked vendors and manually reviewed products and services.

Book your dog training session online, book a grooming truck appointment, or buy quality products for your furry family member.

Sports & Adventure

The Bright.boutique portal offers a wide selection of sporting goods for a wide range of activities and adventures. We believe in nature preservation and strive to connect you with businesses that share our values and ethics.

Whether you want to find the best SCUBA Diving course for your family or finally buy diving gear you always wanted. We take our job at heart and meet each seller on our portal individually to make sure they meet our selection criteria.

Other services

Using your same account, find interesting products and activities around you. From booking your next music lesson to buying accessories for your SUV, we connect you with the right people.

Your advantage

  • Shop safely: Shopping through the Bright Animals portal means you are dealing with a familiar name. The seller only gets paid once you confirm receipt of the goods and/or service.
  • Ethical service providers: You want your pet to be treated in a kind and humane manner. Service providers listed on our portal are manually reviewed and any form of abuse leads to termination of services.
  • Cruelty-free products: How many times did you get bad advice when it comes to a purchase. Our portal prohibits the sale and promotion of products and tools that are deemed painful or abusive towards animals.

We want to hear from you

Do you have a favorite product or vendor you would like to see listed on our portal? Please let us know.

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